Aviation enthusiasts in the Las Vegas Valley will soon welcome the first all-under-one-roof multiuse aviation facility of its kind at the Henderson Executive Airport.

Flight school and aircraft rental-and-sales company All In Aviation, along with maintenance partner, Lone Mountain Aviation, announced on Feb. 13 that plans for its designs of an independently owned 24-hangar facility at the airport have been approved by the Henderson City Council.

All In Aviation, the exclusive Cirrus Aircraft training and sales partner in Southern Nevada, hopes to break ground in May for its stand-alone expansion and to be ready for takeoff by December.

President of All In Aviation Paul Sallach

All In Aviation president Paul Sallach (Courtesy of All In Aviation)

According to Cirrus, its planes are the best-selling aircraft in the world, and among the safest and most sophisticated on the market. They are equipped with glass panels, air conditioning and aircraft parachutes that aid in the landing of a plane in case of an emergency.

Half of the facilities 24 hangers will be “T” hangars capable of storing small, personal aircraft like a Cirrus SR22, and 11 will be box hangars that are able to accommodate midsize business jets.

Besides flight training, aircraft rental and sales, a pilot shop and aircraft storage, the huge multiuse complex will include a 22,000-square-foot maintenance hangar for Lone Mountain Aviation’s services.

“We currently have five airplanes for flight instruction,” said All In Aviation president Paul Sallach, a 17-year flight instructor.

He said the company currently operates a small office and two hangars at the Henderson Executive Airport, as well as four hangars at the North Las Vegas Airport.

“By April, we will have six planes with the addition of the 200-horsepower Cirrus SR20, which is designed for the person who wants to learn to fly; along with our four 310-horsepower Cirrus SR22s, our ‘go-there’ planes, and one 315-horsepower Cirrus SR 22T, which is a turbo and has the ability to fly higher and faster.”

The front seat of an SR 22

The front seat of a Cirrus SR22 (Courtesy of All In Aviation)

Sallach owns a plane and said it’s difficult for him to verbalize the freedom that being a pilot and owning an aircraft gives a person.

He noted that someone can buy an entry-level Cirrus plane for $450,000 or a fully loaded one for $995,000. Flight instruction on one’s own plane costs $85 an hour or $500 an hour for plane rental along with flight instruction.

“The FAA requires 40 hours of flight time to get a pilot’s license,” Sallach said. “Our clients typically take 60 to 70 hours. That may mean three to six months and a minimum cost of $20,000, but it could be as much as $30,000.

“We are a Cirrus Platinum Training Center, which means that we are the premium provider of training. We are with a client from a student pilot’s very first flight through the most advanced pilot certifications with the FAA.

“And Cirrus is the Tesla of the sky because it is so technologically advanced. No other plane has a parachute to guarantee a safe landing if there should be a mechanical failure,” said Sallach.

It’s the only way to fly.

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