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CLASS is not about the possessions you have, but the person you are.


Stephen Hawking — A Brilliant Mind, An Extraordinary Life

The world lost a genius when Stephen Hawking died on March 14, at the age of 76. Amazingly the theoretical physicist, cosmologist and mathematician, who achieved rock star status, lived 53 years longer than the two years doctors predicted in 1963, an accomplishment...

First-Time Nominee Allison Janney Wins An Oscar at 58 Years Old

Allison Janney is one of those rare actors who has had a successful career in film, on TV and Broadway. Yet despite winning four prime-time Emmy Awards for her role as C.J. Cregg, press secretary turned chief of staff, on the NBC hit drama, “The West Wing”...

The New JAY-Z — Authentic, Vulnerable and Contrite

There’s a lot of “new” happening in JAY-Z’s life these days. There’s the new stylization of his name (again); a new champagne; two new babies; a new confessional album that some are calling his best work; and a new website, Life + Times. All this newness...