Who doesn’t like a little pampering in an elegant setting? In addition to luxe accommodations and some of the finest cuisine, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts is also known for its world-class spa, which promises to engage the senses and deliver mind- and body-soothing bliss with every treatment. The Spa at Four Seasons in Las Vegas is no exception, offering myriad amenities for the most discriminating traveler, including signature massages and facial treatments that are meticulously and expertly delivered, with rejuvenation of body and spirit top of mind. We spoke with spa director Shannon Mariani to find out what makes The Spa at Four Seasons a must-visit in the desert.

Give us an overview of some of the major changes that have taken place at The Spa at the Four Seasons in Las Vegas.
The Spa’s entrance was remodeled to create a more inviting arrival experience for our guests. The hotel’s corridor was altered to better highlight The Spa, including a digital and interactive monitor that allows guests to browse The Spa menu during closed hours. The retail space was also enhanced and enlarged and features brand-new shelving and displays. Inside The Spa, we created two new couples; suites and expanded the coed relaxation lounge. Smaller changes include new wall coverings, carpet and paint, in addition to all-new furniture and oversize artwork. All of these changes combine to create a soothing yet stylish space that is inspired by the beauty of the surrounding desert.

What are your most popular spa treatments?
We paired the reopening of The Spa with the launch of a new Spa menu. Our Cupping Therapy Massage has been extremely popular with guests, along with the Essence of the Seasons Body Treatment.

Has social media changed the demands of your clients, as far as the desire to look more youthful for that selfie or Facebook post?
Social media has not so much changed our clients’ demands but it has helped us promote our services in a fresh, relevant way. We promote our Spa offerings on the hotel’s various social media channels. Across the industry, this medium has made the idea of good skincare a more popular topic.

Do you offer medical treatments such as Botox or injectables?
No, we do not, but some other Four Seasons locations do.

What trends do you see in the spa industry in the next five years?
The spa industry is a dynamic one that is ever-changing. We will continue to see a surge in mobile apps and technology playing a role in the spa experience. We are becoming more accustomed to having everything at a touch of a button, and I see spas as being no different. Relaxation on demand is a trend that will be interesting to watch.

How does The Spa engage with its international clients?
Four Seasons welcomes a diverse group of well-traveled guests who frequent spas around the world. This makes it even more important to create personalized services and offer a truly customized, luxury spa experience. The Spa at the Four Seasons is a Forbes Five-Star Spa, the highest distinction in the spa world. We strive to meet and exceed our guests’ expectations.

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