Every year in August, luxury brands spanning automobiles, watch makers, jewelry and fashion descend on the Monterey Peninsula in California for a series of events that have finally taken the name Monterey Car Week. What started decades ago as a weekend centered around the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, it has grown into a 10-day event that, for many automobile manufacturers is one of the most important events on their marketing calendar. Collectors come to find treasures at the many auctions and events while enthusiasts have the chance to see worldwide public debuts of the rarest and most innovative cars being built.

One of the most exciting events of the week and once considered the kickoff event is McCall’s Motorworks Revival. Known by locals as the Jet Center Party because it takes place in and around the hangars of the Monterey Jet center, it started as a parking lot barbecue among friends surrounded by their parked cars with lifted hoods, showing off their engines, modifications and craftsmanship. As it has grown, it has become the see-and-be-seen event with celebrities, sports figures and luxury auto makers in attendance. Guests have the opportunity to step inside private jets and helicopters, witness the debut of new luxury cars, sample gourmet food from local and international purveyors and even peruse and try on some of the world’s finest watches.

A collector’s dream, the party attracts fine watch makers who come to show new releases and tempt current and potential customers.

The Scafograf GMT watches by Eberhard & Co. have a triple time zone feature

The Scafograf GMT by Eberhard & Co. has a triple time zone feature

This year, four different brands will be showing their particular collections that will appeal to every type of motorsport enthusiast.

Baume & Mercier began in 1830 and the Swiss business was built around their motto: “Accept only perfection, only manufacture watches of the highest quality.” This year they will be showing their new line of Clifton Club watches at the Jet Center, a perfect pairing for the motorsport lifestyle as they consider it a watch for the Gentlesportsman. The concept is a timepiece designed to reflect an elegant, active lifestyle, where sport transcends competition and opens up to more social and shared experiences.

Eberhard & Co. has built a reputation on research and technical innovation, and since their start in 1887, has brought many new concepts in watchmaking to market, including dual time watches. It is fitting that they bring their Scafograf GMT to the Revival, with its triple time zone feature, perfect for jet setters and anyone following racing on the world circuit.

Showing true motorsport design, innovative Reservoir watches will be an eye-catching addition to the lineup at the event.

Reservoir watches take their design from vintage instrument panels

Reservoir watches take their design from vintage instrument panels

As with vintage gauges seen in the dash of many of the cars that will be on display, the Reservoir GT Tour watches actually place the 12 (or in this case, 0) at 240 degrees, and the 6 at 90 degrees, mimicking the left to right reading of the tachometer in cars or altimeter in planes. The hours flip by in a window like miles on the odometer, giving a truly unique time-telling experience.

Another stand-out timepiece on hand to take for a test drive and admire up close will be the Chronoswiss Flying Grand Regulator Limited Edition. With flashes of bright color and an elaborate dial design, these limited-edition pieces are an exciting attraction. The term Regulator references the one precision timepiece in every workshop by which every watch’s time would be set.

Chronoswiss Flying Grand watches dazzle with color and design

Chronoswiss Flying Grand watches dazzle with color and design

While it is a relatively new company, the founder has roots in motorsport, having been an official timekeeper at Formula One races in the 1970s and a collaborator on the Steve McQueen film, Le Mans.

Whether you attend the McCall’s Motorworks Revival for the glamour, the jets or the cars, the watches on display at the event are sure to captivate anyone’s attention for their style and innovation. Its hard to imagine a better setting to enjoy these watches than surrounded by the stylish and innovative cars that inspired them.


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