Body: The Lanfranchi Center (TLC)
With patient reviews such as “stellar service” and “life-changing,” Dr. Paul Lanfranchi is Vegas’ premiere facial plastic surgeon. The Lanfranchi Center — referred to as “TLC” — specializes in the face and neck. With procedures performed in-center under local anesthesia, TLC is dedicated to delivering excellent results by a caring team. 

Lanfranchi is an award-winning, board-certified facial plastic surgeon who began his practice in 2006. During medical school, he learned that the face and neck are the body’s most complex and intricate areas. 

The Lanfranchi Center

“I thought it was the most challenging — and fun — to master,” Lanfranchi said. “As a facial plastic surgeon, your work is always on display for the world to see.” 

“Specialization does matter. With it comes repetition. And with repetition comes excellence,” Lanfranchi said. He believes that a successful procedure is an art form that requires a positive experience, surgical outcome and natural result. “Because everything is in-house, our clients have multiple opportunities to ask questions and meet with our team. An educated patient is a happy patient.” 

With thousands of delighted patients, Lanfranchi is committed to giving back to the community. A partner of our #WeToo movement, he plans to give a facial-rejuvenating procedure to a deserving individual each quarter. 

“When someone goes through physical or psychological trauma, it shows on one’s face,” he said. “Although one may have healed internally, I like the thought of making the outside match the beautiful inside.”

Soul: Soulcycle
SoulCycle — the indoor cycling experience focused on mind, body and soul — recently brought its unique energy to its first Las Vegas location. Allowing visitors and locals alike to be part of its inspiring community, SoulCycle’s 3,145-square-foot Vegas studio is at the Wynn Plaza. SoulCycle will host guest master instructors and partner with top DJs.

Mind: Out With The Old, In With The You
Experts agree, “getting organized does a mind good.” Fashion stylist Jenna Doughton brings her expertise to help clients create the best versions of themselves, including personal style consults and closet purging. “Working with a great stylist helps one elevate while staying true to self,” Doughton said. She also created Style With a Cause to give deserving women transformations “to turn into the most beautiful versions of themselves.”

Hair: Revitalized Tresses
Winter weather, living in the desert and color treatments all damage our locks. Eduardo Garcia, an expert hairstylist at Tease Boutique Salon, recommends several steps to get healthy hair this time of year. “I love Kérastase treatment products, specifically their hair masks,” he said. “They add moisture and shine back into the hair.”


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