In its continued efforts to invest in sustainable alternatives, Prada recently launched a line of travel accessories made from an alternative material constructed from ocean waste and textile pollutants. 

plastic trash and bottles and waste on the bbeachRe-Nylon is a regenerated fabric made from Econyl, which is a type of nylon. Developed by textile yarn manufacturer Aquafil, Econyl is a blend of textile pollutants and plastic waste collected from the ocean.

Re-Nylon is reflective of the Italian fashion label’s commitment toward total sustainability. By the end of 2021, the brand plans to take all Prada virgin nylon and recycle it as Econyl yarn, which can be reprocessed indefinitely without losing quality.

“I’m very excited to announce the launch of the Prada Re-Nylon collection. Our ultimate goal will be to convert all Prada virgin nylon into Re-Nylon by the end of 2021,” said Lorenzo Bertelli, Prada Group Head of Marketing and Communication. “This project highlights our continued efforts towards promoting a responsible business. This collection will allow us to make our contribution and create products without using new resources.”

“With this project Prada marks the step, taking on a leading role in environmental sustainability among Italian brands. We are happy to collaborate on their capsule collection, but above all, to support them as partners in the process of converting the entire nylon production,” said Aquafil Chairman Giulio Bonazzi.

Prada Re-Nylon Tote

Prada Re-Nylon Tote

The Prada Re-Nylon collection launched with six classic styles, both for men and women: a tote bag, the belt bag, shoulder bag, duffle and two backpacks. The entire collection is produced from environmentally-friendly materials, bearing a unique interpretation of the iconic Prada triangular logo.

To showcase the cutting-edge processes behind the Re-Nylon initiative, Prada has partnered with National Geographic to produce a series of video shorts, What We Carry.

The series of short films takes viewers through an immersive journey across every continent of the world, from Africa to America, Asia and Oceania to Europe, revealing the inner workings of this unique enterprise.

Each of the five episodes showcases a different source of the recycled materials that comprise Econyl yarn, giving audiences an insider’s view of the workings of the factories and facilities that produce the fabric, as well as an idea of the scope of the initiative.

The first video, takes viewers to the first US carpet recycling facility, located in Phoenix Arizona. The plant recycles up to 16,000 tons of carpet per year. Less than 3 percent of the 1.6 million tons of carpet discarded in the US each year is recycled: in this video, actress and Prada reporter Bonnie Wright and National Geographic explorer and creative conservationist, Asher Jay show us one of the sources of Econyl nylon and introduces innovative, eco-friendly production practices for a environmentally conscious generation.

As the title What We Carry suggests, the focus of the digital series is on the impact of what each individual carries has significant implications on the planet — good or bad. Everyone and everything has the ability to make a difference, when it comes to creating a sustainable global footprint.

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