When it comes to mentoring, Richard Haddrill says, “Best way to both succeed in the world and to help others is to help people improve themselves. People do not learn as much carrying out your plans versus developing and implementing their own, with your help.” Richard is the founder and manager of The Groop, LLC, a private investment and advisory company.

The chief executive officer of three publicly traded companies, a board member of nine companies and investor in eight companies, Haddrill is focused on mentoring, coaching and encouraging people. He formed The Groop to assist growing businesses and advise up-and-coming executives.

Haddrill believes in charitable organizations that provide assistance to people in ways that will allow them to become more skilled and self-reliant. Young people in particular can be easily influenced — good or bad. Organizations that help them make the right choices through education or after-school activities can be most impactful.

A prior scout troop member, scouting has remained dear to Haddrill’s heart because he knows firsthand how beneficial it can be. He recently made a significant contribution to the woefully underfunded Camp Kimball, a 1,200-acre outdoor facility located less than an hour from Las Vegas.

Haddrill discusses his passion for mentoring in a video that captures his enthusiasm.

Richard Haddrill, Patron for a Cause FINAL, POST from The CLASS Project on Vimeo.

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