A passionate advocate for sustainable and ethical fashion, Parisian retail powerhouse Galeries Lafayette recently teamed up with the pioneer of eco-friendly fashion, Stella McCartney, to launch the “Go for Good” program.

Stella McCartney

@Stella McCartney

The initiative, which kicked off Aug. 29, will culminate in an exclusive capsule collection produced in partnership with Adidas, along with a meditation area in Galerie des Galeries, to debut in May 2019.

“It’s the first initiative I’ve ever really seen to such scale, and I find it really exciting,” said Stella McCartney in a recent release, adding: “I’m here to show that you can actually have a better business model and still have desirable products — I don’t think you have to compromise.”

To promote the initiative, Galeries Lafayette will host a series of socially conscious events. Outposts across France will feature in-store pop-ups, personal appearances and interactive activations, while highlighting products from more than 400 sustainable fashion, accessory and home goods brands.

Corporations participating in the initiative include Cartier, Chanel, the Peninsula Hotel and global luxury group Kering. The Parisian flagship store’s second floor has dedicated a space for socially conscious labels such as Louis Vuitton, Paule Ka, Bethany Williams and Patagonia.

Galeries Lafayette

©Galeries Lafayette

“It’s not enough for our company to simply play an economic role anymore,” explained Nicholas Houzé, chief executive officer of Galeries Lafayette, adding, “It’s also our duty to make a social contribution.”

According to a recent Nielsen’s Global Corporate Sustainability Report, 66 percent of consumers are willing to spend more money for socially responsible brands. 

As part of its emerging ethical-retail model, as well as its strategy for tapping into the multibillion-dollar eco-conscious market, Galeries Lafayette is ramping up its sustainable practices. 

Galeries Lafayette

@Galeries Lafayette

The 120-year-old department store will be introducing several new services, including a sneaker revitalization concept, ethically conscious vacation packages, and an apparel and accessories recycling program powered by Panoply.

Offering a socially conscious platform to experience an extensive and immersive selection of ethical brands, Galeries Lafayette “Go for Good” initiative is designed for long-term change in global sustainable commerce: “We are building the retail and fashion industry of the future, with a strong focus on experience and meaning,” said Houzé.

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